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ESVR Technologies is specialized in the field of Electronics Software and Virtual Reality.  ESVR Technologies develops innovative long-range and high-density Active RFID solutions, opening ways to new application areas.
ESVR Technologies solutions are composed of Active Wireless Automatons (AWG, AWR, AWP, AWT) and offer totally new disruptive capabilities with advanced technical features:

  1. Long-range: Up to 4km between 2 nodes
  2. Considerable autonomy: Up to 10 years
  3. High-density: Up to 1 000 nodes per router and 1 000 routers per Gateway
  4. Support for many sensors and actuators (temperature, pressure, humidity, voltage, GPS, light vibration…)
  5. Openness (Http, Bacnet, Lonworks..): Easy integration to your middleware application 
Technology Partnership

Technology Partnership Agreement/Immersive Virtuality Network

Value Proposition

ESVR Technologies active RFID Solutions can be used in many application fields such as advanced remote control and metering, building monitoring and control,  intelligent lightning, intelligent energy management, access control, logicitics, etc.

Combined with 3DVIA they bring users intelligent 3D supervision and monitoring. Some examples of aplications and user benefits:

  • Control and monitoring of installations in nuclear plants: easy installation (no wire), no maintenance (up to 10 years autonomy), wide variety of physical measurements.
  • INDOOR geolocation to follow and regulate client activity inside public buildings (museums, fitness centers, supermarkets): high precision & update rate (down to 50cm precision up to 10 update per/sec) .
  • OUTDOOR street furniture management for urban spaces: autonomous (battery powered) and temperature resistant (from -20°C  to 55°C). 

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