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Company Description

Vicon has been manufacturing optical tracking systems since 1984 for the Engineering, Life Science and Visual Effects markets. Cutting its teeth in the Life Science market, Vicon has over 25 years experience producing high end, accurate real-time tracking systems. Focusing on engineering visualization for the past decade Vicon customers include BMW, John Deere, Airbus, Ford, Lockheed, Pratt-Whitney and NASA, plus many more. Vicon is a subsidiary of OMG plc (Oxford Metrics Group), a group of technology companies that produces image understanding solutions for the Entertainment, Defense, Life Science and Engineering markets.

Technology Partnership

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Value Proposition

Vicon has the widest range of optical cameras available to enable you to track every application imaginable. With camera resolutions from 0.3 megapixel all the way up to 16 megapixels, Vicon optical systems ensure you can accurately track in spaces ranging from the footwell of a car to an aircraft hangar:

  • Bonita : Easy to use, small, powerful, accurate, reliable and affordable. Completely scalable, from 2 to 28 cameras.
  • T-Series : The ultimate for high resolution and high accuracy tracking in large volumes.
  • Tracker : Optimized for real-time tracking. Easily tracks up to 50 objects simultaneously with latency down to 2.5 milliseconds; 5 times less than other systems maximising the users sense of immersion in virtual environments.

The combination of Vicon with Dassault Systemes 3DVIA and PLM products enables customers to build digital manufacturing solutions which provide lifelike immersion and quick return on investment.

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