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Sensics, Inc. is the panoramic head-mounted display company. Based upon patented technology developed over a decade of research and development, Sensics presently offers a wide range of lightweight, professional motion tracked head-mounted displays (HMDs) that combine wide field of view and high resolution. Sensics also offers low latency wireless video links, panoramic video see-through augmented reality technology as well as custom HMD designs. Sensics enables its military, industrial, manufacturing and university customers to develop next generation training and simulation, research, virtual prototyping, visualization, entertainment, and remote presence applications.

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Technology Partnership Agreement/Immersive Virtuality Network

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Sensics and Dassault Systèmes working together provides customers an integrated and turnkey software and display combination for design, simulation and training, and virtual reality applications. Customers can be assured that their return on investment in software from Dassault Systèmes and HMDs will be realized over the term of the project. Imagine being fully immersed in any 3D model developed using Dassault Systèmes software and having the natural movement in the scene via head or full body motion trackers using the Sensics HMD.

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