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PS-Tech is a technology provider that specializes in Interactive Professional 3D visualization and Optical Tracking/Measurement systems for medical and industrial applications. The company’s mission is to change the behavior how professionals interact with complex 3D and 4D data in a more efficient and effective manner. We want our users to focus on their task at hand and not worry about the 3D technologies that support them. Our products are characterized by their robustness, completeness and ease of use.

PS-Techs Visualization and Tracking technologies are used in growing industries such as medical, industrial design, automotive and oil and gas.

Headquartered in the center of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, PS-Tech is a privately held company. PS-Tech was founded in 2005 as a spin off from CWI (Dutch national research organization for mathematics and computer science).

PS-Tech has been recognized as one of the most innovative companies in The Netherlands and abroad. PS-Tech is the Winner of the 2012 Accenture Innovation Award for Best New Technology.

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Technology Partnership

Technology Partnership Agreement/Immersive Virtuality Network

Value Proposition

Dassault Systèmes and PS-Tech collaborate to bring CATIA, 3DVIA Composer and 3DVIA Studio to PS-Tech’s Interactive Professional 3D visualization environments. In this partnership 3DS customers can create and share professional 3D content using PS-Tech’s technology. 

PS-Tech’s focus is to empower the use of 3D content in our table top 3D visualization systems such as the PSS™ and C-Station™. These systems allow the users of any skill level to intuitively work with 3D content by visually putting the data in the hands of the users.

Furthermore users can combine our tabletop visualization workstations with large discussion & presentation systems so experts can collaborate and share their views with each other wherever they are around the globe.  

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