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imsys develops and manufactures hardware technology for the realisation of highly productive VR and Multi Media environments for all application areas and in doing so unites the latest technological advancements with the highest standards in design and functionality. 

Questions regarding ergonomics and practicality have the highest priority in the innovative and aesthetic design of our systems. The design and selection of the materials and the components are fine-tuned to meet the exact needs of the user - to ensure the best “fit” for your system. 

Proven cooperation partnerships with leading Virtual Reality hardware and software manufacturers make affordable standard solutions and scalable individual solutions possible for almost all areas of application

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Value Proposition

Because of the use of 3D-CAD solutions, nowadays a wide range of extensive digital models are available during the product development processes. Virtual Reality offers a platform in order to present digital information in a more comprehensible way.

Owing to the physical 1:1 visualization in real-time and the possibility to directly interact with data models in an immersive environment, complex contexts can be evaluated more quickly and more precisely compared to the use of ordinary display systems: problems can be identified much quicker, decision-making can be facilitated, (costly) errors can be avoided and the process of development can be accelerated.

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