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Immersion is the European specialist for tailored turnkey visual simulation and virtual reality solutions.

Immersion designs new solutions and techniques for interacting and visualizing virtual environments, and delivers stereoscopic display rooms, high resolution video walls, multi-sided immersive projection systemsand real-time 3D visual simulators.

The company brings a unique end-to-end support to its customers throughout the project life. Immersion references include famous brands such as LVMH, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Renault, CEA, IRIT, the LABRI, the French Air Army, EADS Astrium, Airbus, Eurocopter and CS.

Immersion participates in key European research projects on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, where the company plays an active role in the development of new 3D interaction and visualization technologies.

Technology Partnership

Technology Partnership Agreement/Immersive Virtuality Network

Value Proposition

Thanks to the integration with 3DVIA Virtools, the user can navigate in 3D models/contents and interact with them intuitively. Immersion provides a complete range of turnkey solutions for immersive review such as 3D walls and interactive display rooms.

Thanks to the tight integration between our products and 3DVIA software, anyone can experience virtual models or environments in 3D, and intuitively interact with them. Immersion provides a complete range of turnkey solutions for immersive review such as immersive 3D displays and interactive video rooms so that you can fully live your 3D Experience. 

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