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ISID assists its customers in establishing innovative engineering processes by offering a wide range of solutions covering all areas of engineering in the manufacturing sector. Along with its leading-edge solutions for driving the next generation of manufacturing, ISID also provides solutions that help customers create new business models for their services, including aftermarkets.

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Value Proposition

As a pioneer of CAE solution providers, ISID provides high-function analysis software and rich user support services for manufacturing enterprises in various fields. In addition, ISID provides PLEXUS CAE of the Saas system that facilitates analysis and use on the cloud infrastructure, and supports the construction of user environment of High Performance Computing that can be used on demand.

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ISIDは、CAEソリューションプロバイダーのパイオニアとして、高機能の解析ソフトウェアを充実したユーザサポートサービスとともに様々な領域の製造業企業に向けて提供しています。さらに、クラウド基盤上での解析利用を容易にするSaasシステムのPLEXUS CAEを提供し、オンデマンドで利用できるHigh Performance Computingのユーザー環境構築を支援しています。

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Value Proposition

PLEXUS CAE is a SaaS type system which provides CAE resources as much as necessary, when needed.  Plexus CAE utilizes resources on AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Micorsoft Azure computing platform.

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PLEXUS CAEは、必要なときに必要なだけCAEリソースを提供するSaaSタイプのシステムです。 Plexus CAEはAWS(Amazon Web Services)およびMicrosoft Azureコンピューティングプラットフォーム上のリソースを利用します。