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Mechdyne delivers turn-key visual environments for design, research, energy, life sciences and public venue applications around the world. Since 1996, Mechdyne has developed unparelled expertise in stereoscopic 3D and immersive technologies, including displays, graphics computing and software. The company pioneered many of today standard configurations for high resolution, multi-channel and immersive display systems and the software that enables them. Our work with Dassault Systemes began in 1999 with the first development of virtual reality viewing and interaction with native CATIA, DELMIA and ENOVIA models. Mechdyne has been a Dassault Systemes CAA software development Partner since.  Our scalable systems can enable intuitive design and valuable collaboration in one location and enable video/data sharing between multiple offices globally.

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Mechdyne VR-enabling software, Conduit, has been developed to  fully integrate with V5 allowing users to display data directly from their desktop into immersive 3D displays. Our work with Dassault began in 1999 with the development of virtual reality viewing and interaction capabilities with native CATIA, DELMIA and ENOVIA models.  Mechdyne has been a Dassault Systemes CAA software development partner ever since.

Mechdyne also offers display solutions such as the CAVE and FLEX.  Mechdyne provides organizations a single source for complete solution definition, design, engineering, integration, and support. Users have the ability to access a wide range of  visualization technologies that can enable interpretation and presentation of data in new ways.  Mechdyne can deliver and support graphics clusters and displays globally.  Pre-defined as well as customized scalable solutions are available, from simple displays and computing to fully immersive and networked systems with up to 100 million pixels of stereocopic data.  Mechdyne offers a broad and deep expertise in visualization technologies and software, exceptional technical support and a proven history of high customer satisfaction.


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