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Company Description

LGM aims at providing its customers with a comprehensive approach to management and system design, linked to complex industrial high-tech projects.  LGM engineers and technicians are able to provide the most advanced methods and technologies in all the projects entrusted to them particularly in the field of high-technologies, given the rapid evolution of techniques and methods involved. In order to address the growing demand for Systems Engineering expertise, LGM is able to mobilize experts and has selected  Dassault Systems Solutions as key components.


Other Partnership

Systems Integrator Alliance Agreement Master (SIA)

Value Proposition

Experts in Systems Architecture, LGM  provides Technical Management Expertise to master a “system development” cycle by engaging a Requirements Management and Systems Engineering approach, ensuring technical data is shared and remains consistent across all phases of the system development. By selecting to work with CATIA Systems, LGM aims at securing Systems Engineering deployments that benefit Industries such as: Aeronautics & Space, Railway & Rolling Stock, Naval, Defence, Pharmaceutical and Industrial facilities, Energy & Nuclear Power, Telecommunications and Automotive.

Components of the Systems Engineering methodology that LGM can provide expertise upon include:

  • System Configuration Management
  • System Definition
  • Systems Design
  • Product LifeCycle Management
  • Integration, Validation , Qualification

LGM accompanies its Systems Architecture customers from concept to the implementation of a solution (requirements, MBSE specifications, modelization and simulation of complex systems, value analysis, definition of modular architectures, organization of projects based on Systems Engineering processes)



01 30 67 08 51