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The future of manufacturing is innovative, agile and customer-centric. New approaches, materials and business models are disrupting all industries and making that future possible.

Achieving Sustainability with Additive Manufacturing

Sustainable manufacturing has become critical in securing a competitive advantage. Discover what’s in it for manufacturers and how they can shift to this manufacturing technique seamlessly.

Achieving Sustainability with Additive Manufacturing > Dassault Systèmes

Deliver personalized customer experiences with an active and robust platform economy

Manufacturing economies of scale > Dassault Systèmes

Manufacturing economies of scale

Instill cost advantages with efficient production

Customer experience efficiency > Dassault Systèmes

Customer experience efficiency

Implement a digital strategy and ecommerce to connect with your market

Faster-to-market > Dassault Systèmes


Give your business a competitive advantage with innovation and speed

The emerging technologies of the Industry Renaissance enable manufacturers to connect the needs of the rapidly changing market with their production. Intelligent digital connectivity empowers manufacturers with the capacity to develop and deliver the product that the customer wants, when they want it, and at a competitive price. Making them more resilient and future proof for any circumstances.

In many ways the idea of distributed manufacturing is nothing new – creating highly customized products in small batches locally. But this method has a high-tech twist, leveraging the innovations of modern manufacturing, such as 3D printing or additive manufacturing, mass personalization and platform economics, to do so at a cost and scale that makes it not just competitive but increasingly imperative.

New approaches to product delivery including globalization, diversity and acceleration.

Interoperability provides connection between people, production and smart factories via IIOT. Virtualization of process and supply chains is providing real-time access to required and relevant information throughout the entire organization. Centralized factory control systems are giving way to decentralized intelligence as machine-to-machine communications begin to hit the factory floor. Real-time capability is enabled with data that’s collected from equipment and analyzed for continuous improvement for quick change management and next-level production systems.

Real-World Results Told by Our Customers

Manufacturers have become more operationally resilient with expanded operational optimizations, lean manufacturing and safety measures. Take a look at the following case studies for some powerful examples of how other companies are reaping the rewards of greater efficiency, faster innovation, and happier customers.

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