The virtual twin of Infrastructure & Cities



Embrace the potential of a virtual world for urban transformation

The impact of rising urban populations has driven the adoption of the Smart Cities concept to prioritize the use of digital and technology innovations to address long-standing urban challenges. All urban stakeholders must address all new urban challenges together, creating a sustainable city ecosystem, thanks to data management. Digital twin technologies are needed to meet long-term urban planning goals: discover their place in an organization's ecosystem of analysis, planning, and collaboration tools.

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Transforming urban planning with 3DEXPERIENCity®: Digital Twin techologies enabling collaborative work in smart city project

The city virtual twin solution intuitively facilitates data sharing across the ecosystem: digital twins are central to digital transformation. Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCity® enables all smart cities stakeholders to collaborate beyond disciplinary silos and drive digital transformation in territorial and urban projects to become more sustainable, resilient, and resource-full.

Rennes Métropole Project

The metropolitan area of Rennes, France, is using the virtual twin experience to address downstream current climate impacts, upstream prediction of new ones, manage and transform its landscape, all according to public development policies with operational needs and consultation with local citizens.

Virtual Singapore

The first-ever full digital model of a city, set to revolutionize the way cities are organized and managed

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