#21: How Will the Virtual Twin Transform MedTech?

Learn how virtual twin experiences are set to revolutionize medical device design, clinical trials and patient treatments.

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#21: How Will the Virtual Twin Transform MedTech?

Virtual twin experiences and computational modeling and simulation are set to revolutionize device design, clinical trials and patient treatments. In this episode, we explore a compelling vision of how these advanced digital technologies can minimize risks, cut costs and expedite the product approval process. Click here to discover more about this topic.

This episode was recorded at Device Talks Boston in May 2024. 

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MedTech > MIT Ellen Roche, Ph.D. > Dassault Systèmes®
Ellen Roche, Ph.D
Professor, MIT
MedTech > Boston Children's Hospital Dr. David Hoganson > Dassault Systèmes®
Dr. David Hoganson
Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon, Boston Children’s Hospital

“Now, we can virtually place a device and look at how that changes the function, and maybe predict how the heart would remodel in response to getting that device.”


Ellen Roche

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Narrator: This is Disruptors Unleashed, the series that showcases the disruptive technologies — and the trailblazers — reshaping our world. Previously, we explored some of the new trends transforming the automotive industry, from the rise in electrification to the advent of software-defined vehicles.

Today, we look at how the virtual twin is changing the way medical devices are designed, manufactured and approved. Joining us are Ellen Roche, a professor at MIT, and Dr. David Hoganson, a pediatric cardiac surgeon at Boston Children’s Hospital.

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