#04: What Does It Take to Build Better Prosthetics?

Discover how Easton LaChappelle turned his bedroom project into Unlimited Tomorrow, a company dedicated to crafting affordable, customized prosthetic limbs.

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#04: What Does It Take to Build Better Prosthetics?

Get ready to be inspired by Easton LaChappelle, the visionary behind the world’s most lightweight and affordable bionic limbs. Founded at a young age, Easton's company, Unlimited Tomorrow, is at the forefront of innovation with its 3D-printed prosthetic arms. Learn the secret behind his success, the key industry challenges and his future plans to continue changing countless lives. Discover more

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Easton LaChappelle
Founder and CEO, Unlimited Tomorrow

We’re helping over 40 million people globally, and there is a big problem: Only 5% of that 40 million have access to prosthetic devices. This is a problem that not a lot of people know.” 


Easton LaChappelle

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Narrator: Welcome back to Disruptors Unleashed, the series that highlights the disruptive technologies shaping our world. In our previous episode, we looked at product reformulation with our trailblazers: Robyn Mandalakis from Act2 Consulting, Nandakumar Subramaniam from Tech Mahindra, and independent consultant Rik Pepermans.

This episode will be a story of hope and perseverance. Easton LaChapelle, the visionary founder of Unlimited Tomorrow, talks about his journey of improving lives by crafting the world’s most lightweight and affordable 3D-printed prosthetic limbs.

Host: Hi, everyone. I'm here with Easton LaChappelle in upstate New York, and we’re here to hear his story. I remember seeing Easton as a 14-year-old when you visited the White House. Then, more recently, I saw a new version of what you took to the White House, and I've just been completely inspired by that story. It's so great that we can share it with a lot more people, hopefully.

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