Commercialize Product Data to Upgrade Your Marketing Game

The marketing game has changed. Are you ready to make your move?

Digitally Transform Marketing

Product manufacturers digitally transform marketing by adopting platforms and tools that streamline outdated workflows, rendering time consuming processes obsolete. The result?  Marketing using CAD data delivers stunning 3D marketing assets for traditional and interactive commercial experiences. Marketing teams, working closely with product managers and process innovators, deliver striking 3D campaigns to market. 

Events, eCommerce, product launches, and marketing touch points yet to be invented, can be delivered directly from CAD data. And as online retail continues its growth, new 3D standardized formats, such as glTF®, allow consumers to experience a new dimension of eCommerce.  

In today’s complex marketplace - going linear from concept, to engineering, to customer - is not enough. The new generation of product innovators and marketers  need tools that enable constant reinvention to meet customers’ demands. They must be strategic. They need to Change the Game.

Experiential Content Straight from Product Data

Connecting engineering and marketing, via a ‘virtual twin’ for the efficient creation of product content and new experiences, and the ability to publish 3D models for eCommerce using the glTF standard. Create experiential content straight from product data in real time – instead of waiting for manufacturing to produce a working prototype or product to create marketing materials – and dynamically react to shifting market conditions. Other benefits include:

Simply generate renderings from up-to-date product data with perfect accuracy in any environment.

Output marketing content for every channel using 3DEXCITE software and 3DEXPERIENCE platform

Promote a sense of community and real time team collaboration via the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform.

Commercialize Product Data For Every Channel

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