CO Architects

CO Architects used Cloud-based 3D Generative Innovator to increase their creative and collaborative capabilities. This sets the stage for a step-function improvement in architectural processes and outcomes. The need to design for the future has forced an evolution. It is now the drawn of a new moment in Architecture.

The Challenge

CO Architects found that the software they had previously used for computational design was not able to deliver a model that could be easily adapted in a fabrication process, because of accuracy challenges, compatibility and geometry limitations.

Using multiple platforms and exchanging data between them led to digital discontinuities which limited the sharing and management of information.

Dassault Systèmes Response

CO Architects chose the 3DEXPERIENCE platform because it would increase architects’ creativity by creating a tighter collaboration between the architect and builder and eliminating waste and inefficiencies in the process from design to construction. Ultimately this allows them to deliver a better product to their clients.


The Health Solutions Innovation project was successful and allowed CO Architects to work seamlessly in the same ecosystem, allowing them to go back and forth with design changes without leaving the environment. The cloud based platform also allowed them to easily share concepts with their clients.