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New York City-based company Buzr developed an Internet of Things (IoT) device that enables traditional apartment entry systems (buzzers) to be turned into smart access systems. When someone rings the door, Buzr users receive a notification straight to their mobile device. They can answer the guest and let them into the building, even if they aren’t at home.


After building a successful prototype of its product, Buzr needed to find a way to engineer and manufacture it, but without employing an extensive team of different experts. In order to avoid investing in multiple different software licenses, it required a single solution to enable greater productivity and allow it to compete with the many larger companies operating within the industry.


Buzr met the criteria for the 3DEXPERIENCE® for Startups offer, which provides businesses less than five years old with access to up to 36 months of all 3DEXPERIENCE applications on the cloud including CATIA, SIMULIA and ENOVIA. This enables the company to streamline all of its applicable workstreams including mechanical and electrical engineering, as well as project planning, into a single platform at a cost that will scale with the company.

As a start-up company, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform allowed us to save considerable time and money by providing a way for us to manage the entire product development portion of our product – from social analytics to engineering – in a single platform.

Jeremy Walker – Dassault Systèmes
Jeremy Walker, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Buzr


By linking together siloed systems, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables Buzr to streamline its operations and become far more efficient as a result. For example, Buzr now links its product lifecycle management directly to its mechanical engineering and manufacturing project planning dashboards, allowing it to gain a holistic view of the manufacturing process – from sourcing to production.

buzr - Dassault Systèmes®

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