Atelier IKS

Based in Morocco, Atelier IKS manufactures quality clothing.

With DELMIA Ortems, Atelier IKS secured key client relationships by providing reliable delivery times and improved stock management.

Aziz Kabbadj portrait
Aziz Kabbadj
Managing Director, Atelier IKS


In the transformation towards Industry 4.0, Atelier IKS needed to communicate reliable delivery dates to build trust with its clients.


The implementation of DELMIA Ortems with specific connectors to the company’s ERP system solved most planning and scheduling issues, and improved the whole supply chain while securing clients’ trust.


The DELMIA Ortems planning and scheduling solution provides reliable and precise mid-term visibility on deliveries, allowing better supply management. It also secures trustworthy and dynamic short-term information by taking into account production and market contingencies.

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Atelier IKS

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