High-tech innovation is fueled by fast-paced technological advancements and dynamically changing customer demand. More often than not, it is driven by small- and medium-sized companies with a global reach and a value network of diverse partners.

As they are exposed to global competition and complexities, small- and medium-sized companies must be able to scale their businesses with repeated success without losing inspiration, agility, precision and speed in their operational execution. To accomplish this, every single discipline has to perform optimally on its own and in collaboration with many internal and external stakeholders.

From push to pull

Achieving the efficiencies desired by companies with a global reach and complex value networks requires simplifying collaboration on a common innovation platform. Take the example of “BEAMY”, a fictitious product created by Dassault Systèmes to embody the real-life best practices of many leading high-tech companies. BEAMY was born on the cloud based 3DEXPERIENCE® platform that was used by the entire new product introduction (NPI) team — including all technical and business functions — to achieve breakthrough agility and speed.

Discover, in 6 minutes, how to simplify collaboration and orchestrate the entire value network to accelerate the creation of new consumer electronics.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform is secure, open and inclusive. Available on premise and on the cloud, it can scale from a few individual users to hundreds of thousands. Companies can start small in selected processes, and grow the user base according to their own roadmap of digital transformation. Discover how to accelerate key innovation processes on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform:

Ideation and concepts

Monitor trends easily, and effectively engage diverse stakeholders to foster relevant feedback and consensus for the best ideas. Share designs and key performance indicators (KPIs) with open, yet secure, communities. Rapidly initiate formal requirements to the engineering team to ensure that the best ideas get fast-tracked. Discover more.

Product engineering

After your great idea has germinated, synchronize the mechatronics development with frictionless collaboration on a common data model. From software to electronics to enclosure engineering: all disciplines gain time and efficiencies, being natively connected to each other through project management and requirements. Discover more.

Leverage simulation

Simulation accelerates all engineering disciplines along the entire innovation cycle. Validate performance early in the process when changes and product variant experimentation are still low-cost. Benefit from simulation expert knowledge deployed to a variety of performance aspects and in a way that even occasional users can benefit from. Discover more.

Value network collaboration

Every high-tech product is complex. Scaling them to product portfolios is even more so. Data intelligence and analytics help to simplify and master complexity throughout the NPI process. Leverage integrated project management with analytics to prevent issues and accelerate resolution. Discover more.

Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing are decisive factors for a successful product innovation strategy. Their early and effective involvement is key to ensure timely and impactful product launches as well as to achieve branding and profitability goals. Companies can realize this through cloud-based collaboration with engineering and partners, on a common platform powered by 3D. Discover more 

Manufacturing planning

Transferring great products to real world production is difficult unless you use the virtual world. Engineer your facilities, resources and process plans with 3D to ensure that production can meet demands. Validate processes and optimize your supply chain over all horizons and optimize logistics and production schedules to keep products moving on time. Discover more 

Beyond Product Lifecycle management

Product data management (PDM) solutions and integrated design environments (IDE) were initially developed to support their own processes separately. Consequently, all disciplines typically maintain their set of product data in separate systems and databases, creating silos of information. PLM addresses some of these collaboration challenges; however, high-tech innovators need to move beyond PLM to connect dynamic and diverse value networks to increase agility, accelerate innovation and reduce business risk. Download our eBook to discover how 3DEXPERIENCE helps to take that step:

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