How to master complex projects with data intelligence

High-tech innovators of any size must manage the complexities of software-driven mechatronic products, dynamic customer demand and global value networks. Despite huge volumes of diverse data and changing schedules, smart decisions need to be made with speed and precision.

Project management combined with analytics

With deliverables-based project management, designs, models and test results are directly connected to requirements and schedules. This approach provides new product introduction teams with real-time, all-time, accurate status of progress and risks at their fingertips in order to better coordinate scopes, schedules and resources. Consequently, engineers need less time for reporting and administrative tasks and more time on innovation.

Aggregating structured and unstructured data from product lifecycle management (PLM) processes and other systems like customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning can provide important business insights. Combining project execution with embedded project intelligence facilitates revealing risks, anticipating issues and mitigating problems earlier.

Discover the value of combining deliverables-based project management with PLM analytics in this 13-minute webinar:

Project Governance with Analytics Help Drive Better Outcomes

Improve product quality with issue and change intelligence

Product quality and compliance are key requirements to drive growth through customer satisfaction. Intelligently leveraging the information residing in internal and external data sources can significantly contribute to drive down costs and time to achieve quality and compliance goals.

Combining state-of-the art PLM with data analytics provides the best environment to manage, reveal and mitigate risks to ultimately reduce costs associated with non-quality or non-compliance. From quality engineers to supply chain directors, every stakeholder needs a comprehensive view of issues and changes.

Discover in less than 14 minutes how integrated issue and change management helps sustain and improve product quality.

Issue and Change Intelligence to Improve Product Quality

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