The model-based approach to smarter, more agile and more adaptable high-tech manufacturing

5G-enabled IIoT and virtual twin experiences deliver new capabilities to close the gap between the real and virtual worlds for agile factories.

The need for increased manufacturing agility

While there have been many advances in smart manufacturing, current IIoT approaches are still static and lack the flexibility and scalability to adapt to dynamically changing business conditions.

Because of this, high-tech manufacturing can be easily frustrated by disruptions as manufacturers are unable to quickly understand the impact of incidents on all aspects of shop-floor planning and operations, including logistics, warehousing and the global supply network.

The answer? When manufacturing is conceived with a digitally seamless, model-based and systemic approach, high-tech companies can achieve the flexibility they need to stay competitive.

Connecting the real and virtual worlds with 5G-enabled IIoT

The emergence of 5G technology promises significantly improved bandwidth and speed, besides seamlessly connecting an even wider array of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) sensors and smart devices.

As a result, high-tech manufacturers can aggregate a tremendous amount of manufacturing data from their shop floor and a global network of factories; this data can be leveraged to derive better insights and improve the speed and quality of operations and decision making through machine learning and artificial intelligence.

5G-enabled IIoT facilitates agility in manufacturing operations and the entire manufacturing ecosystem, from logistics to other value chain stakeholders. To experience agile manufacturing, they need to capitalize on the connective capabilities of 5G-IIoT and model all elements of the manufacturing ecosystem — and they can, by leveraging virtual twin experiences.

Virtual twin experience for a seamlessly connected ecosystem

Virtual twin experiences completely replicate your real-world manufacturing assets, workflows and systems in the virtual world so you can more quickly gain operational visibility, synchronization and control.

With an accurate virtual twin experience of your entire operations, you can easily connect operations and planning as part of a complete system of global factories. With this connected ecosystem for high-tech manufacturing, you can:

  • Integrate more closely with suppliers in your value chain to increase production efficiency
  • Trace production in real time for better anticipation, control and decision making
  • Reduce production disruption and downtime through machine learning

All actors in your global manufacturing operations can collaborate on an integrated platform, available on-site and on the cloud, thereby removing physical constraints such as workplace social distancing or travel restrictions.

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