Université du Québec

Canada Brand: 3DVIA
Industry: Life Sciences

Patients with anxiety disorders must face their fears to conquer them. But putting patients in close proximity to what they fear can be difficult. Patients who fear flying, for example, cannot change their minds about a flight once the plane is airborne – unless their experience is a virtual one.

The Challenge

Université du Québec cyberpsychology researchers needed technology to quickly and easily create and deploy effective treatment scenarios in virtual reality.

Dassault Systèmes Response

The team chose 3DVIA Virtools on Microsoft®.NET Framework and the Windows® Operating system for its user-friendliness, speed of development and effective translation of applications into VR environments.


The combination of 3DVIA Virtools and Microsoft has allowed university staff and students to quickly develop stable, reliable virtual environments and use them effectively in treating patients.