Germany Brand: CATIA
Industry: Industrial Equipment

TRANSpofix GmbH, based in Berching, Oberpfalz, Germany, is a family-run business with about 50 employees, specialising in the development and manufacture of flexible transport devices for series production. Nearly all the European automotive manufacturers, as well as aerospace enterprises and big component suppliers, use TRANSpofix solutions.

The Challenge

Nevertheless, constraints like maximum use of transport space and least cost must not be allowed to impose physical stresses on workers. Loading and unloading equipment must operate safely to avoid damaging the workpieces. In addition, the equipment has to be flexible in use. All in all, kinematic mechanisms designed for example to prevent operating errors or hazards require intelligent solutions that undergo thorough simulations and testing before going into practical use.

Dassault Systèmes Response

In this context, CATIA is the ideal solution. It is characterised above all by flexible assembly management, direct kinematic simulation, extensive geometric software and integrated NC programming.


CATIA enables a seamless flow, from uploading of component data from the customer to straightforward simulation of variants, NC program creation for sample production and presentation of proposed solutions to the customer in the latter’s own systems.