Thales Alenia Space Italia

Industry: Aerospace & Defense

Thales Alenia Space specializes in space infrastructure and transportation, including but not limited to: reentry vehicles, flying test-beds, and thermo-mechanical components. Thales Alenia has also designed and built 50% of the International Space Station’s pressurized volume.

The Challenge

Designing and optimizing hypersonic reentry vehicles involves consideration of a variety of physics disciplines, large data sets of design and flight condition variables, and the inability to test prototypes under real-world conditions.

Dassault Systèmes Response

The Isight environment enabled aerospace design engineers at Thales Alenia to build complex, multi-step workflows and automate the optimization and verification of their designs.


The ability to integrate multiple simulations using extensive real-world flight condition measurements resulted in the elimination of conservative design assumptions, while also saving development time and encouraging departmental design collaboration.