Solar Infra

United States Brand: SOLIDWORKS
Industry: Energy & Materials

Solar Infra manufactures both Mono & Poly-crystalline Photovoltaic modules and sells its products in the Americas, Asia and Europe through its network of dealers and directly to government agencies, corporate clients, institutions and utilities companies.

The Challenge

Develop rugged solar modules for electricity generation that can withstand extreme environments, last longer due to improved DC-to-AC inversion technology, and extend solar power into previously prohibitive areas.

Dassault Systèmes Response

Utilize SolidWorks 3D design and simulation tools to develop an innovative solar module frame that can handle higher temperatures and structural loads without increasing weight.


• Doubled strength of solar module frames
• Reduced manufacturing costs by 25 percent
• Saved $100,000 in prototype development costs
• Extended reach of clean, renewable solar power