SAAB Aeronautics

Sweden Brand: CATIA
Industry: Aerospace & Defense
Sub Industry: Defense

Saab delivers world-leading products, services and solutions for military defense and civil security worldwide. Its Gripen fighter is the first of a new generation, multi-role fighter aircraft that is the most complex and advanced plane Saab has ever built. The fighter is equipped with the latest technology, enabling it to perform an extensive range of air-to-air, air-to-ground, air-to-surface and reconnaissance missions.

The Challenge

Engineering systems for the Gripen is a complex task, due in part to expensive equipment and testing procedures, long lead times, safety constraints and varying environmental conditions.

Vehicle systems such as the fuel system or environmental control system are highly integrated and optimized to fit into small areas. This presents development challenges if it becomes necessary to modify these systems or install new equipment or functions.

Dassault Systèmes Response

To achieve cost-effectiveness, Saab has used model-based systems engineering to develop its complex vehicle systems. Where multiple disciplines must interact to function as a whole, the company relies on Dymola to model and simulate the vehicle systems.

Saab chose Dymola for its multi-engineering modeling and simulation capabilities, which are based on the open Modelica modeling language. Dymola presents a fast approach to system modeling, which makes it the ideal solution for Saab’s projects.


With model-based system engineering, design errors can be detected earlier than if we were to use document-based systems engineering, where many troubles may only be detected when the first test aircraft has already been built.

Dymola helps us verify that our designs are optimal very early in the design process. It also helps us reduce the costs and risks linked to verifying equipment during flight tests.