United Kingdom Brand: EXALEAD
Industry: Business Services

Rightmove is the UK's top real estate website, attracting over 29 million visits a month. Rightmove aims to be the first choice for UK home movers seeking details regarding properties for sale or rent. Rightmove’s website offers up-to-date property information, available for free, 24 hours a day to anyone with Internet access. Their database is far more complete in terms of the number of properties and depth of detail provided than listings available through other traditional advertising media. Rightmove.co.uk connects more people with more properties than anyone else. A site whose core business depends on the performance of its technology platform and the quality of its search results must be completely reliable and offer advanced search options: EXALEAD CloudView satisfied all of these criteria.

The Challenge

Launched seven years ago, Rightmove is the UK’s largest and busiest property website, listing 90% of properties for sale in the UK. Rightmove’s inventory holds details of over 2 million properties. The site processes 400 queries per second and attracts over 29 million visits from active home movers every month, who between them view over 523 million pages.

In order to better serve their customers, Rightmove wanted a solution that met the following requirements:

  • A simple, accurate and effective search that is easy for all types of users
  • A solution capable of handling extreme volumes of data
  • A range of search facilities and the ability to customize them
  • Ability to refine results with no impact on performance
  • Removal of technological barriers that limit search results
  • High performance reliability
  • Ability to integrate into existing software infrastructure
  • Rapid deployment and easy administration
  • Integrate closely with their development environment
  • Significantly reduced the cost of search
  • No large capital investment

Dassault Systèmes Response

The strength of the EXALEAD CloudView platform means that despite the size of the property inventory, navigating around the site to find the perfect property is quick and intuitive, avoiding the potential for users to become discouraged and abandon their search. The natural desire of the home-hunter is to leave no stone unturned; therefore a long list of results is preferable to the user. However, alpha users then want to filter the list to get to the matching properties quickly. “Alpha web users, who have more sophisticated search requirements, make up a smaller proportion of visitors to the site. Still, the core functionality needs to be built with all levels of visitors in mind,” adds Mr. Brooks-Johnson. EXALEAD's unique patented assisted navigation system removes the last barrier to unifying sources of information. CloudView automatically creates a customized table of contents based on each search results page, allowing alpha users to further refine results and explore related topics. Key Facts: Rightmove + EXALEAD CloudView

  • 2 million classified ads and 29 million unique visits/month
  • Robust features like Search Radius, which allows you to search within a specified distance of a given location
  • A scalable solution that can be modified without affecting the existing database system
  • 400 QPS (queries per second) on only 3 servers
  • Cost per query reduced from 0.06 pence to 0.01 pence
  • Limited financial investment


The bottom line, from Peter Brooks-Johnson, Director of Product Marketing at Rightmove:
"Thanks to EXALEAD, our cost per search request has dropped dramatically, from 0.06 pence to 0.01 pence, and we can now scale our site as needed at a considerably reduced cost."