United Kingdom Brand: CATIA
Industry: Energy & Materials
topic: sustainability

quietrevolution is a rapidly evolving UKbased innovation leader in the field of wind power. The company develops vertical wind turbine systems that, because of their unique design, do not need orientation alignment to catch the air current and can therefore operate regardless of wind direction. This produces up to 40% more energy and makes quietrevolution products especially suited to urban or built up areas where wind direction is often variable.

The Challenge

To design, manufacture and improve highly efficient wind energy systems for the burgeoning sustainable energy sector.

Dassault Systèmes Response

quietrevolution chose CATIA to accelerate and automate development, and increase innovation.


CATIA has enabled quietrevolution to double productivity in certain domains with design automation and has fuelled business growth by contributing to the design and engineering of turbines with strong technical, visual and commercial appeal.