Sweden Brand: CATIA
Industry: Business Services

Sweden’s Optimation helps companies to optimize their manufacturing processes via its expertise in control technology, dynamic simulation, and production processes. Optimized process control can contribute to energy savings, better product quality, and increased output.

The Challenge

Incorrectly structured and insufficiently configured control systems lead to production downtime, idleness or inefficiencies. Optimation needs to provide its customers with solutions that define the optimal process control strategy for their production processes.

Dassault Systèmes Response

Optimation uses Dymola to dynamically simulate complex process plants in order to tune controllers for maximum operating capacity.


Thanks to Dymola, Optimation’s customers have a precise idea of the way a process controller should be programmed before proceeding with physical modifications or installations. Dymola-generated simulation code is also at the heart of the cloud-based training simulator Everysim (http://www.everysim.se)