NSE Composites

United States Brand: SIMULIA
Industry: Energy & Materials

NSE Composites utilizes its broad knowledge and experience with composite materials in aerospace structures to offer an engineering service that specializes in the design, analysis, testing, and structural certification.

The Challenge

NSE Composites needed to analyze loads, stresses, and fatigue for an innovative, sweep-twist wind turbine blade design that captures significantly more energy on light-wind speed sights.

Dassault Systèmes Response

Using SIMULIA’s Abaqus finite element analysis (FEA), engineers were able to validate overall blade twisting behavior as well as buckling and fatigue. Calculations were in good agreement with earlier “section” analysis techniques as well as the physical and field testing that followed.


Realistic simulation enabled NSE to validate a Sandia-funded sweep-twist design that captures 12 percent more energy.