Industry: Energy & Materials

Nabtesco is a multinational corporation with over 40 subsidiaries worldwide and a capital of over 10 billion yen. Nabtesco is world renowned for its precision equipment, transportation equipment, aircraft and oil hydraulic, and industrial equipment businesses. Recently, they have expanded into energy harvesting equipment areas like wind turbines and solar trackers for solar energy collectors.

The Challenge

Design the most advantageous crowning for pinion gear teeth to minimize stress by increasing contact area and decreasing average contact stress.

Dassault Systèmes Response

The engineers at Nabtesco used Abaqus finite element analysis (FEA) software from SIMULIA to calculate the contact area and stress of various pinion gear designs. With the help of their own subroutine, the engineers were able to model both contact area and stress history for easier design evaluation. Isight was also utilized for post-processing automation and design optimization.


Abaqus allowed the engineers at Nabtesco to maximize gear contact area, while minimizing average stress contact resulting in a significantly more durable gear design leading to decreased maintenance and cost without requiring numerous physical experiments. With the help of Isight, design time was reduced drastically.