South Korea Brand: CATIA
Industry: Life Sciences

Established in 2002, Korea-based MegaGen Corporation develops, manufactures and markets advanced dental implant systems (a prosthesis set into the gums), more than 1,400 implant-related items, guided bone regeneration materials, and dental equipment. It developed the world’s first wide implant systems that are optimized for the mouth bone structure of Korean patients.

The Challenge

MegaGen needed to upgrade its limited 2D design system to a more advanced 3D version to ensure flawless internal communications while developing ultra-precise dental implant products that simplify surgery and minimize the patient inconvenience.

Dassault Systèmes Response

CATIA PLM Express helps MegaGen to develop next-generation implant systems aimed at saving time and costs for new product development.


With CATIA PLM Express, MegaGen has improved productivity through enhanced communication between its design and production teams, and reduced time-to-market by 50%. 3D modeling also helped to cut simulation costs by up to 30%.