Industry: High-Tech

Incorporated in 1988, Lenovo is a multinational computer company that develops, manufactures and markets desktop and notebook computers, workstations, servers, storage drives, IT management software, and other related products and services.

The Challenge

Create a high-quality, reliably strong notebook while keeping cost and product development time down.

Dassault Systèmes Response

Engineers at Lenovo use finite element analysis (FEA) early in the design process to verify product strength, choose between different versions, and identify and improve problem areas. SIMULIA’s Abaqus FEA simulations at Lenovo include modeling drop, shock, vibration, static pressure, and motherboard strain.


Using Abaqus FEA allows Lenovo to make more informed decisions at a far less cost. Engineers are able to be more innovative, more quickly, and produce higher-quality products.