J P Kenny

United States Brand: SIMULIA
Industry: Energy & Materials

In a recent gas project approximately 150 miles off the western coast of Australia, J P Kenny applied state-of-the-art Abaqus FEA technology to evaluate the design performance and route mapping for a large system of subsea pipelines. Many critical issues affect subsea pipeline design including the great length of the pipeline, the depth of the sea bed at up to 1350m, the high temperature of the gas at up to 130°, and relatively high pressure at 360barg.

The Challenge

According to Pipeline Business Leader Dermot O’Brien, the mix of high pressure and high temperature also make pipeline material selection and corrosion management a key design issue. Pipeline wall thickness, corrosion inhibitors, and claddings all impact costs; and FEA is helping in the selection of alternative materials. Read more.

Dassault Systèmes Response

J P Kenny is pioneering the use of Abaqus FEA to evaluate conceptual designs, perform Front End Engineering Design (FEED) studies, and conduct detailed design studies of the pipeline. Abaqus nonlinear and contact capabilities are readily applied to a deep water environment, coupling the analysis of water and seabed movements and pressures with high temperature, high pressure gas products.