Hardstone Construction

United States Brand: CATIA
Industry: Construction, Cities & Territories

Pat Henderson, president of Hardstone Construction in Las Vegas, has experienced the best and worst the construction industry has to offer. As senior vice president and president of two of the largest U.S. construction companies, Henderson’s experience includes managing more than 100 public works building projects valued at more than $3 billion. During his 30 years in the business, he has known the satisfaction of bringing a project in on time and on budget. But he has also experienced the frustration of watching deadlines pass as unexpected conflicts lead to cost overruns that can climb to 20% or more of a project’s value. Henderson knew there had to be a better way. Impressed by the computerized productivity technologies that have revolutionized discrete manufacturing, he longed to apply those same applications
to the construction industry’s challenges. His small, locally based company turned to Dassault Systèmes (3DS), the 3DEXPERIENCE Company and world leader in 3D Design, Digital Mock-Up (3D-DMU) and Product Lifecycle Management (3D-PLM).

The Challenge

Hardstone Construction of Las Vegas wanted to deliver a better experience to its project owners by streamlining processes to eliminate on-site conflicts between sub-contractors and the resulting time delays and cost overruns.

Dassault Systèmes Response

Hardstone chose Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE Platform for creating virtual product with the CATIA application to develop an integrated 3D model of the Tivoli Village mixed-use project. The model was the basis for pre-fabrication validation
and on-site construction coordination.


The 3D model reduced material waste and cost, accelerated component design, and increased accuracy to eliminate pre-fabrication mistakes and on-site conflicts for a total savings of more than $2 million.