dk Composites

Malaysia Brand: CATIA
Industry: Construction, Cities & Territories

dk Composites is a Malaysian company focused on composite manufacturing with the ability to provide complete services from concept to delivery of
turnkey projects. Although its main markets are architecture (domes and claddings) and marine (sailing boats, yachts and workboats), dk Composites has delivered successful projects in other market segments, such as train (composites carbody and interior), unmanned aerial vehicles, and tools.

The Challenge

dk Composites needed to develop and construct with precision technologically advanced composite dome structures for the construction industry.

Dassault Systèmes Response

dk Composites chose CATIA to turn design methods into reusable knowledge for obtaining optimum design, and increase efficiency and accuracy when creating composites structures using CATIA for Composites solutions.


Thanks to CATIA for Composites solutions, dk Composites has slashed design cycles by 67% and reduced waste of expensive materials by half.