Delfoi Pemamek

Finland Brand: CATIA, DELMIA
Industry: Marine & Offshore

It takes software development skills and a deep understanding of the robotized ship block welding procedure to develop software for a unique process in this industry segment. Delfoi’s and Pemamek’s union is a perfect match of software and process know-how. Pemamek, with products found in 40 countries and all continents, has delivered several robots to shipyards globally.

The Challenge

To accomplish the programming task of a huge arc welding robot at a shipyard has posed an immense challenge since the robots were introduced into the shipyards. Read more.

Dassault Systèmes Response

Pemamek (, a leading supplier of arc welding automation systems for shipyards, and Delfoi (, business partner to DELMIA, have developed a superior off-line programming (OLP) system based on DELMIA IGRIP software. The IGRIP Shipbuilding Application is easy to use and fast in generating complete arc welding robot programs for a gantry type of robots. The application is for both flat and curved blocks in a ship steel structure.