Blue Sky Solar Racing

Canada Brand: CATIA, ENOVIA
Industry: Transportation & Mobility

Every two years, a special fi eld of cars competes in the Panasonic World Solar Challenge, crossing the Australian continent powered by nothing but the sun. Teams research, build and design vehicles capable of completing the 3000 km journey from tropical Darwin in the Northern Territory to cosmopolitan Adelaide in South Australia. The University of Toronto Blue Sky Solar Racing team’s fi fth-generation car, Cerulean, competed in the 2007 challenge, fi nishing fi rst among all Canadian entries and fi fth overall in its class.

The Challenge

Evaluate a large number of designs to reduce drag and weight while increasing power, and ultimately optimize the solar car. Read more.

Dassault Systèmes Response

Blue Sky Solar Racing used CATIA and ENOVIA Digital Mock-Up (DMU) to evaluate many design iterations and quickly generate models for computational fl uid dynamics, and to defi ne wiring requirements early. CATIA Composite Design was used to optimize composite parts.


Blue Sky decreased drag by 22% and increased the power of the solar array by an impressive 4%, creating one of the top cars in its class.