ASPECT Studios

Australia : Domains
Brand: 3DVIA
Industry: Construction, Cities & Territories

ASPECT Studios is a design firm specializing in landscape architecture, urban design and digital media. With offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Shanghai, it offers a range of design services for urban planners, developers and architects to visualize designs and concepts. The firm provides high-resolution animations, renders and visualizations according to client needs.

The Challenge

ASPECT Studios needed to meet growing customer demand for real-time interactive 3D environments.

Dassault Systèmes Response

3DVIA Virtools from Dassault Systèmes enables ASPECT Studios to develop real-time 3D applications for viewing models of cities and infrastructure projects.


With 3DVIA Virtools, creating a 3D real-time environment takes just two hours, instead of two days. Easier development allows the studio to focus on creating the right set of features for its clients, freeing developers to innovate and develop prototypes.