Anadolu Cam

Turkey Brand: CATIA
Industry: Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail

Anadolu Cam is the glass packaging division of Turkey’s Sisecam Group. In addition to packaging, Sisecam Group also produces flat glass for building windows and vehicles, and glass tableware such as plates and drinking glasses. The company is also present in the mining, chemical, paper packaging, mold and machinery manufacturing industries. One of Europe’s leading glass packaging suppliers, Anadolu Cam has nine production facilities in countries such as Turkey, Georgia and Russia.

The Challenge

In the highly competitive glass packaging market, Anadolu Cam must remain one step ahead of the competition by providing quality products without increasing development costs.

Dassault Systèmes Response

Anadolu Cam uses CATIA to design all its glass packaging, as well as to perform stress analyses and clash simulations.


Anadolu Cam has cut design time in half and now proposes more design alternatives to its customers. This has enabled the company to take on more projects and consequently increase its overall business.