Komatsu Forest

Sweden Brand: 3DVIA, CATIA
Industry: Industrial Equipment, Transportation & Mobility Komatsu Forest

Komatsu Forest manufactures forestry machinery under the Valmet brand name. Until now, production workers at Komatsu’s Umeå plant have worked from two dimensional assembly instructions.

The Challenge

As a company devoted to technological progress which pursues a development concept that puts productivity, ergonomics and environmental awareness at the forefront of its product range, Komatsu Forest wants to improve assembly processes in its production operation.

Dassault Systèmes Response

Komatsu Forest uses the interactive 3D documentation functions of 3DVIA Composer throughout the production process, for assembly instructions, equipment maintenance and spare parts documentation.


With moving images instead of the previous sketches on paper, the production process becomes much easier and leading to much better results. 3DVIA Composer now makes it significantly easier for Komatsu Forest to work on prototypes while at the same time making modifications to the ongoing process. Everyone involved always has access to the latest data.