Industry: Life Sciences & Healthcare

Headquartered in France, the 140 employee-strong Erlab Group pioneered the design and production of a ductless enclosure for filtering toxic chemicals. The device enables users to conduct laboratory experiments that involve noxious gases without putting themselves or the environment at risk. The enclosures do not have ducts connecting them to the outside. Instead, they capture toxic fumes at the molecular level inside the carbon-based filter.

The Challenge

To accompany the promotion of new product lines, Erlab needed to produce marketing and training materials for its sales force and customers.

Dassault Systèmes Response

Erlab designs its products with SolidWorks and then uses
3DVIA Composer to create the accompanying documentation that requires rich visual content.


Erlab has improved collaboration between the marketing department and its design office, becoming more autonomous and producing documentation which is clearer, more attractive and less expensive to create and maintain.