vonRoll casting

Switzerland Brand: CATIA
Industry: Industrial Equipment

From manhole covers to internally ventilated brake discs to sophisticated compressor housings, vonRoll casting has more than 180 years of know-how and experience in casting complex components. This traditional enterprise with around 600 employees is among the market leaders in lamellar and nodular graphite cast iron, in Switzerland and throughout Europe.

The Challenge

Because casting is a flow, filling and solidification process, it is essential for design to take account of the flow properties. That places big demands on the CAD system in particular, as all the parts must have draughts to enable the pattern to be drawn from the sand after moulding.

Dassault Systèmes Response

Continuity from CAD to CAM was the decisive aspect that determined the choice of CATIA and the NC module.


Computer-assisted design enables vonRoll casting to make complex free-form surfaces and complicated parts with numerous internal cores and reproduce them at any time. Furthermore, the throughput time has been cut by up to two-thirds.