3DEXPERIENCE Center @ZAL Hamburg

Innovation takes off in Finkenwerder

It all started with the dream to fly and today the aerospace and defense industry is seen as THE innovative industry. However, now again the entire industry is facing enormous transformation challenges. And the question arises what the future of flight will look like on medium or long term?

Reason enough for us to ask ourselves how we can create a place to break boundaries of innovation and work on entirely new business models, supported with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

The 3DEXPERIENCE Center Hamburg

Having the right partners is quite important – that is why the 3DEXPERIENCE Center is located at the ZAL. Our visitors can directly benefit from the solutions the 3DEXPERIENCE platform offers and additionally rely on the expertise and resources here at the ZAL.

Visit us and melt digital and real to re-invent the future of product development, manufacturing, service …

Hamburg Network Center

The ZAL as partner for innovation

The Center for Applied Aviation Research (ZAL) is the leading research and development hub for civil aviation in Hamburg. A network of international partners from industry and research work on new approaches for system integration and industrialization of innovative aviation technologies .

Dassault Systèmes brings 40 years of experience in the aviation industry, a network of partners and a holistic virtual platform to the ZAL. The result is a partnership that brings together researchers and entrepreneurs in the 3DEXPERIENCE® Center in order to convert ideas into fully functional, production-related models and systems, even before investing in cost-intensive new production facilities. Use the unique ecosystem and the excellent infrastructure in the ZAL to accelerate your innovation.

Explore the future factory today

Companies are constantly searching for new technologies in order to optimize quality, profit margins and delivery times for new and existing programs. Digital manufacturing technologies are available to help them improve collaboration in manufacturing, process planning and automation and MES (Manufacturing Execution System) systems.

The 3DEXPERIENCE Center Hamburg supports future factory technologies for almost all production aspects:

  • Optimization of planning and processes through the Virtual Twin Experience
  • Design of flexible manufacturing in changeable production systems
  • Virtual commissioning of production cells for human-robot collaboration
  • 5G-enabled based manufacturing for data-driven decision making
  • Guide team engagement and improve performance with Lean

Are your ideas ready for take-off?

Is there a crucial element missing in your project or are you still unsure how and which parts of your plan can be technically realized? Or are you keen to connect with other innovators and get some fresh ideas?

Join us here at the 3DEXPERIENCE Center! No matter if you are a small company, a start-up or a large or medium-sized company, a university and researcher, we are happy to invite you.

Let your ideas fly even higher


We foster innovation of selected start-ups at our innovation labs! Register now for the program and pitch your start-up to the next level! Got a project and want to work with the experts from Dassault Systèmes on your projects at the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab in Munich? The opening of the new location in Munich will be announced shortly.

3DEXPERIENCE Center Munich

The digital and automotive city of Munich is a place where virtual and real world merge. Curious to learn more? Then our 3DEXPERIENCE Center at St. Martin Straße is the place to discover some options.

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