Ready, Set, Go with the Precision Learning Methodology





Based on 3DS Global Learning tools, Precision Learning ensures a lower cost, high performance education program which delivers:

Precision Learning
  • Customized Timely Training through a “made to order” curriculum at an individual or group level based upon their task or identified performance gaps which is delivered by 3DS Experience consultants, who are experts utilizing 3DS products in a wide variety of industries and businesses.  A detailed Learning Plan is developed prescribing the appropriate amount and schedule for the training interventions providing maximum efficiency and progressive skill acquisition.

  • A Flexible Delivery Method to match the various needs, demands and challenges of a global and 21st century workforce. Precision Learning utilizes a blending of training delivery methods (on site and virtual classes, elearning, simulations, coaching,…) to meet the business and education delivery challenges in providing student’s with a comprehensive education program and continuous learning strategy for their success.

  • Quantifiable Results to ensure the desired performance and proficiency levels of the education program are being achieved. Our comprehensive, customizable test libraries provide an objective and factual monitoring of the performance and proficiency for an individual and group level, thereby allowing to quickly acclimate and adapt if necessary the program in order to close identified skill gaps or meet new business opportunities. Creating a very project centric, learner-focused training program with minimum impact on your company’s resources.