How to get certified?

Certification Program Details

The Certified Professional Program is administered through a series of exams, which assesses an individual's technical knowledge and skills for Dassault Systemes PLM solutions. The exams are organized in a hierarchical tier within a product domain allowing industry and individuals the greater flexibility and speed in achieving their goals.

The certification exams are administered and distributed through a partnership with Pearson VUE Testing Services. Individuals may access the exams at Pearson VUE Authorized Testing Centers, a worldwide network of 3500+ testing centers in over 130 countries.

All exams are delivered via computer based testing systems in the highest standards and secured environments, thereby ensuring the integrity throughout the certification process. Test results are provided via automatic scoring when an exam is completed or has time expired.

Certification Rules

  • Certificates are version / release specific and do not expire.
  • Anybody who successfully passes an exam becomes a Certified Professional.

Keeping your certification current

Dassault Systemes will keep the Certified Professional Program current with its solutions. To ensure the value of your credential, you may find it advantageous to upgrade your certification to the latest release. For more information on renewal requirements, visit the program pages.

Taking an Exam

Exams are delivered on-line. They are proctored, timed, and delivered in a secure environment. Reference materials and discussion between examinees is strictly prohibited.

To take a test, candidates are requested to acknowledge a non-disclosure agreement, and during the test they are not allowed to mark and return to a question.

All exams are graded instantly at the completion of the time allowed or upon exit.

Note that translated versions of the exams display graphics with the English user interface.

Retaking Exams

A candidate may not retake an exam once s/he has passed it. If a candidate fails an exam, s/he must wait ten days before retaking it.

Registration steps

There are five main steps to register to an exam:

  • Get prepared for a knowledge and skills level
  • Choose an exam based on your knowledge and skills
  • Register to the exam
  • Take and pass the exam
  • Advertise and display your Certificate

Individuals are able to schedule an exam event through Dassault Systemes’ certification website, the testing service's website, a call center, or through a local testing center. In order to register for your exam please visit Dassault Systèmes Pearson Vue page.

Note that steps might differ slightly from one program to another to comply with the program specificities. Review the program pages for more information.

Candidate data storage

Your personal data and test data will be stored both in the Pearson VUE database in the United States and in Dassault Systemes database in France.

Dassault Systemes reminds you that you have the right to access, delete, and modify your personal data held by Dassault Systemes. To exercise such right, please contact Dassault Systemes by email at the following address certification(at) or in writing at the following address Dassault Systemes, Education & Services, 10 Rue Marcel Dassault, 78140 Vélizy-Villacoublay, FRANCE