SIMULIA Services

Providing high quality simulation and training services to enable our customers to be more productive and competitive.

Simulation Services

Our Simulation Services team provides unmatched opportunities for you to extend your simulation reach into the product development lifecycle.

We have helped hundreds of companies achieve their business objectives through accelerated implementation and use of SIMULIA products. Our long track record of successful projects spans industries including automotive, aerospace, electronics, biomedical, consumer products, heavy equipment and petrochemical. In addition to our local expertise, we draw upon global resources to help you achieve real return on your investment in simulation technology.

We can provide assistance not only in the operation of our software applications, but in the implementation of our simulation solutions which can drive increased product quality, reduced costs and measurable gains in process efficiency. Our services are aimed at providing better use and insight into the application of our software products. We do not provide "licensed or certified engineering" as defined by local or state statutes.

Business Value Assessment

A Business Value Assessment captures information about your product development goals and simulation practices to assist in defining the right plan for your needs. Our team will work with you to create a blueprint for your software implementation that includes a complete definition of the project, a realistic schedule of deliverables and a clear cost and ROI estimate.

Simulation Quick Start Program

This packaged services engagement offers to your team the best combination of SIMULIA simulation services to get them on the fast track to enhanced productivity. This program combines software installation, administrator training, system tuning, Abaqus Overview training and onsite support in a cost-effective two-week package. We place an experienced software specialist on site to provide you with the most efficient start-up environment possible—from installation through the initiation of your first project.

Customized Training

Our simulation services team has created customized training for a wide range of clients based on their specific training requirements. With a custom training session, you can tailor the agenda to cover the information that will benefit your team the most. You can also use model examples that include your typical geometries, materials and design procedures.

Analysis Support

Our services staff is available to support basic-to-advanced analysis for a wide range of applications and industries. Examples of projects include supporting unique analysis jobs, short-term support services (on-or off-site) to assist with major projects and peak workloads, or full-time on-site software support services.

Methods Development

The best material definition…the best element selection…the best method needed to simulate the physics of reality. How much knowledge is required to make the right decisions? What is the cost of “trial and error” approaches? Validated and approved methods can make a significant difference when developing simulation models for realistic analysis. Determining the ideal combination of factors ensures faster delivery of the desired result—a validated method for the realistic simulation of your product.

Our team can tailor advanced analysis methods to your specific needs and integrate them into your design process. By leveraging your internal analysis knowledge with our expertise in the implementation of Abaqus, we can deliver significant efficiencies and cost savings by providing the proper documented simulation methodology to your organization.

Our software specialists can also work with you to develop formulations for Multidisciplinary Optimization (MDO) as well as integrate your own optimization algorithms into the simulation methods. We can help you to define your design exploration plans, define, validate and integrate your analysis processes, and explore parallel design methods.

Implementation Mentoring Program

Through our Implementation Mentoring Program, you will have the advantage of “on call,” one-on-one expert simulation expertise. This remote service pairs you with a senior specialist to work on your specific software implementation. You will be able to ensure that you are on track with your simulation methods, validate your model setup, address technology transfer, or simply brainstorm ideas for improving the fidelity of your analysis. Our specialist will become intimately involved in understanding your product performance requirements and deliverable objectives.

From packaged hourly engagements to yearly fixed price contracts, we offer tiered mentoring service plans to meet your needs. Contact us so that we can work with you to define a mentoring program that delivers added value to your organization.

Customization Services

SIMULIA offers customization services for your advanced applications and specific needs. Customized vertical “turnkey” applications for Isight and the SIMULIA Execution Engine are also available to address your company’s specific problems. We can help you to define your design process, integrate your simulation tools (such as CAD, CAE, CFD, or in-house tools), automate your design process and explore your design problem. Our software specialists can also develop custom, easy-to-use graphical user interfaces that are tailored for your application needs and presented to your users in a language they can understand.

Abaqus Software Extensions

SIMULIA allows you to get more from your Abaqus Unified FEA suite through our extensions for Abaqus. Extensions cover a wide array of additional software components including macros and plug-ins, web-based applications, Abaqus/CAE-based applications, user subroutines and python scripts.

Analysis Process Automation

By capturing standard workflows and proven methods through a customized user interface or through open standards like HTML, process automation solutions enable you to deliver Abaqus technology to a broader spectrum of users. You can embed sophisticated techniques in day-to-day product simulation activities, which enables your design and analysis community to collaborate using approved processes to perform advanced FEA. Our services team has experience in delivering a wide range of process automation solutions, ranging from complete vertical applications to simple task and workflow automation.

On-site Software Support

For the most in-depth and rapid response possible, we place our software specialists on-site. While working in your environment, our on-site staff can assist in documenting your simulation methods, mentoring in advanced analyses methods, training your staff on software use, and performing other duties needed for your day-to-day operations.

Our software specialists can also provide design exploration support. They can use their expert knowledge and hands-on experience, combined with Isight’s powerful design study engine, to help you explore your problem's overall design space. This service often provides the fastest way to build your in-house simulation expertise.

SLM Implementation Services

SIMULIA provides SLM implementation services to help you integrate your simulation processes within established Product Lifecycle Management environments. SIMULIA software specialists can help you implement SIMULIA SLM right out of the box, provide needed configurations or create a customized SLM solution to meet your specific requirements.