DSx.Client Care

SIMULIA is transitioning to a new Dassault Systèmes-wide support system: DSX.Client Care. You will find here information to help you transition to this new tool.

Interface Overview

Dynamic and Video Tutorials
Learn how to use DSx.Client Care with dynamic and video tutorials.


DSx.Client Care
Dassault Systèmes' unified support platform. This replaces the SIMULIA Online Support Systeme (SOSS) to offer a unified support experience accross all Dassault Systèmes brands.

Call Centers
Local centers responsible for the support of our products. These are the SIMULIA field offices, also known as SIMULIA Centers for Simulation Excellence. These are the same support offices that you have been using to get support for SIMULIA products.

Sometime refered to as L0, a submitter is a person who opened a Service Request. A submitter is either a customer or a front end support engineer acting on the behalf of a customer.

Front End
Sometime refered to as L1, a Front End person is a support engineer in charge of providing a first level of support to customers.

Back End
Sometime refered to as L2, a Back End person is a support engineer in charge of providing the second level of support, interacting with the Front End.

Sometime referred to as L3, this is the development team that works on bug fixes.

Service Request (SR)
This is the equivalent of an SOSS incident. An SR is an issue that is submitted to Dassault Systèmes for assistance; it can be a defect (possible bug) or a non-defect (product-related question).

Bug Report (BR)
This is the equivalent of a SIMULIA Status Report. A BR is a summary of a known issue in a released version of our products. BRs are published in the DSx.Client Care Knowledge Base (KB). Please note that Abaqus products, such as Abaqus/Standard or Abaqus/CAE, will not have any BRs published in the KB at first. Bug Reports for these products will continue to be available through the SIMULIA Status Reports. Once you log into DSx.Client Care there will be a link for the SIMULIA Status Reports.

Question and Answer (Q&A)
This is the equivalent of an SOSS Answer. A Q&A is a technical article dealing with troubleshooting or descibing how to best use our products. Q&As are published in our Knowledge Base (KB).

Knowledge Base (KB)
This is a repository for all our published BRs and Q&A. The Q&A correspond to the SIMULIA Answers in the SOSS.

CRITical SITuation (CRITSIT)
A CRITSIT is a rare customer situation that requires a bug fix to be delivered in between released versions. CRITSITs are escalated from existing SRs and are subject to approval. In the context of Abaqus or Isight, this means you will need a fix that cannot wait for the next maintenance release of the product. Historically, this is an extremely rare requirement.

HotFix (HF)
A HotFix is a compilation of bug fixes delivered for accepted CRITSITs.

Additional resources

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