Efficient Optimization Based on FEA and CFD Simulations

What's New in Tosca Structure 8.1.1 and Tosca Fluid 2.4.1

  • Tosca Structure 8.1.1 is a maintenance release including bug fixes
  • Tosca Fluid 2.4.1 is a maintenance release including bug fixes
  • Updated CFD solver interfaces in Tosca Fluid
    • STAR-CCM+ up to version 9.04
    • ANSYS Fluent up to version 15.0.7

What's New in Tosca Structure 8.1 and Tosca Fluid 2.4

Tosca highlights include:

  • Licensing
    • Tosca technology within Extended Token (QXT)
    • “Tosca for Abaqus” (QOX) to replace ATOM
    • “Tosca Optimization Pack” (QOO) for non-SIMULIA customers using 3rd party tools
    • “Abaqus Compatibility Pack” (S6A) for 3DExperience customers
    • “SIMULIA Academic Teaching Edition” (Q9T) for academic users
    • “Extended Research” (QRX) for researchers
  • Tosca Structure 8.1 enhancements
    • Optimization Module within Abaqus/CAE since Abaqus 6.13-AP2
    • Full support of fe-safe fatigue analysis to use in shape optimization
    • Shape optimization now available within Tosca Extension for ANSYS Workbench
    • Improved Tosca Structure internal data handling
    • Eased stiffness optimization and adding consideration of thermal loading
    • Enhanced mesh smoothing for shape optimization using element correction
    • Improved soft delete algorithms for highly nonlinear geometrical modeling
  • Tosca Fluid 2.4 enhancements
    • Tosca Fluid accessible via Extended Tokens (QXT)
    • Supported CFD solver interfaces
    • Improved capabilities of Tosca Fluid.smooth