What's New in R2016x

Functional Enhancements

Plastic Injection Analysis Engineer
 provides the part and mold designers with the ability to explore and compare design and manufacturing alternatives, accelerate the design process by reducing trial-and-error iterations, and create improved designs that perform better, including consideration of manufacturing constraints.

Engineer Compute
 provides occasional users with a flexible licensing model that provides access to HPC without the large upfront cost associated with traditional HPC license models.  The solver software cost is based on a set of value metrics including features associated with the sophistication of the analysis procedure, model size and accelerated turn-around time.  These metrics reduce the dependence of the software cost on the IT resources required to run the simulation.  The SaaS model is designed to enable both the computational software and DS cloud IT resources used for simulation eliminating the need to purchase software and IT separately.

Analyst Compute
 combines Tokens to support sustained compute requirements and consumable Analyst Credits for occasional peak usage.  Simulation compute services include execution of Abaqus solvers and simulation workflows. Analyst Compute is a SaaS offer that integrates IT used for computations on the DS cloud, but can also support computations run using IT provided by the customer.