Rescale, Inc.

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Rescale, Inc.
589 Howard St, 2nd Floor
San Francisco, CA, USA 94105

Country: United States

Contact: Sales Manager
Email: sales(at)
Phone: 1-855-RESCALE (737-2253)

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Company Overview

Rescale, headquartered in San Francisco, CA, USA, offers a cloud simulation platform that integrates on-demand high-performance computing (HPC) with top-tier finite element analysis (FEA), computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tools, and optimization tools. Rescale's current customers can scale their simulations up to thousands of computing cores and pay only for what they use.

With Rescale, engineers can set up large engineering analyses for computation in the cloud in a matter of minutes, using only a web browser. In addition, Rescale offers several collaboration and data management features, helping engineers work more efficiently. Rescale works with Fortune 500 companies and engineering consulting firms in the aerospace, automotive, oil & gas, and life sciences industries. In addition, Rescale enables users to set up and compute large-scale designs of experiment (DoEs) or multidisciplinary optimizations efficiently.



Rescale's cloud simulation platform offers Abaqus users the ability to scale compute-intensive simulations instantly. Rescale is tightly integrated with the Abaqus suite of FEA solvers, and Rescale's engineers have optimized the performance of Abaqus simulations on the various computing platforms available to Rescale users.

At any point during computation on Rescale's clusters, users can check the status of any output file created by Abaqus during the simulation, including image (.jpg, .png) and animation (.gif) files. After the simulation ends, users can perform some preliminary analytics on Abaqus results directly on Rescale's platform, before downloading any desired output files for further post-processing locally.


Additional Information

Please visit Rescale for more information on the types of problems we help our customers solve.